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Are a Happy go Lucky couple. They love food, they love their pompness, they enjoy their travels and are so long lost in there love that the TAJ would feel shy. This is there romantic journey from Rajpipla to Sikkim, Dhar and kota, Coochbehar and Kolhapur, Baroda, Miraj, Sawantwadi Travancore to Punjab.. They travelled far and wide, scouted for their dishes, hunted for the right choices; scooped out the hidden troves and when they came back they came back as winners.

The romance unfolds with the chilli and raw mango soup Pyajo each with its special toppings crispy and crunchy, if this was not enough for the beginning the love blooms with feta cheese and chillies. If chillies are the casanovas the cheeses are the fairer ones. While you get engrossed in the starry lit sky feel the smokin’ hot tomato dum pukht or soft and delicate Amba dal with some Afghani beauty naan.

We all eat to live but have you ever Lived to love food.. When you bite into Qabargah you will eat to have more. Its saffron scented chops goes hand in hand with Patrali kombdi, tender and succulent, If you are the spicy one Mutton lonche with its mix of spices and the Khatta Meetha fish
is sure to blow you away, Their sheer subtleness and tasty bites.

But the story doesn’t end here. Jimikand Kalia the English mistress always has some plans to spoil you in a good way of course but the Bharwaan karela will ensure that all good things don’t come in good shape. The sexy Bhindi bikaneri tossed in cumin , coriander and coconut is a surprise entry. But the one you will all love is again the erstwhile Paneer Makhane ka khorma and the Aristocratic vegetable stroganoff.

And if you are those fiery types then the entire clan of Crab masala Hazardauri, Dak bungalow Roast chicken and Mutton Railway curry are going to swoop you of the ground.

While in air you will get a chance to lay your hands on the Dal Bukhara and its counterpart Akkha Masoor, The double tadkewali dal will keep you hypnotised until you get stuffed with the Goli pulav which are crispy coverings of minced meat and soft spicy inside story all blended in the famed browned onion pulao.

But if the aromatic yakhni pulao woes you Mind you the Murshidabad wali biryani is not going to keep herself away.

Finally who wins in the romance or should we say who take the jackpot Is the Lahsuni kheer with no hints of lahsun in a creamy dream or the soft, delicate Nimish tumky with its rosewater pannacotta.. And just when you think two are not enough our ever so loveable Tiramisu with its hidden gulab jamun and the tangy puran poli is a must have.. Why Not?

Are you Walking in the Clouds. Cause the Bindaas and Rockin couple haven’t yet decided if they had enough meanwhile why don’t you start your part of the romance. Bon Apetito