Adorning various hats to keep the creative instincts never let off is the prime motive to venture into on his own. Plays various roles as a Host, Author, Chef, Restaurateur and Entrepreneur. Take a glimpse at his latest ongoing projects which underlines his craving for never being in the comfort zone


Satvam was our experiment on Modern Maharashtrian Cuisine.. We personally believe that Indian Regional food like Maharashtrian, Bengali, Kashmiri, Thanjavur were highly progressive cuisines on its own. This cuisines incorporated sustainability by changing the menus based on seasons, modernity by infusing various spices and blends and creativity beyond compare on sophistication, elegance without imparting the quality in any which way. Puranpoli, Modaks, kokum saar, Patra, khandvi etc. Just to name a few.

At Satvam we have maintained the ethnicity of the Maharashtrian dishes but without fusion confusion have created new avatars of the same dishes. We have incorporated International techniques to create this divergence taking inspiration from the current scenarios.

Do vist and try the Aluwadi kebab, Chilly milli lychees, Kothimbir wadi popcorns and some traditional Fansachi bhaji, Daaldhokli and much much more.