Personal Info

Recognized throughout the career as a Sindbad –The Chef and a Visionary, leveraging in depth knowledge and leadership acumen, Chef Nilesh Limaye has been a game changer ever since. Being the first ones to adorn the Chef torque and walking into the restaurant way back in 1995, to understanding the importance of planning and layout for the flow of work in the kitchens; leading a team of young chefs and handling Five Food and Beverage outlets at just over 28; Paving the way for Asian Culinary journey in Mumbai way back in 2003 by initiating its first near authentic Far East restaurant; Always creating space for the new talent and yet willing to keep learning It has been a journey which seems it has just started.


All ‘Bout cooking

All Bout cooking is an entrepreneurial venture started by Chef Nilesh Limaye.

We provide turn key solutions for new restaurant startups or revamping existing kitchens. Food and Beverage R&D options

Kitchen planning, preparing meals, training staff, setting up systems and effective handover.

Social Responsibility

Being a chef is all about creating moments of joy for someone else. You get joy out of other‟s savoring of your creations. This traverses across boundaries, leading out of the kitchen as well.

Nilesh actively participates and organizes several community welfare programs be it a Blood Donation Camp for International Chef‟s Day or a Charity luncheon for Slum Children He was also a tastemaker for the famous Shiv Vada Pav concept – a series of street stalls managed by the economically backward families selling famous Indian cuisine „‟Vada Pav”